Current stock status:  S300: In stock KPro: In stock FlashPro: In stock CPR: In Stock Traction Control: In stock Injector Driver: In stock


International FK2 Civic Type R FlashPro now available from select international Hondata dealers. OBDII unlocking (jail-breaking) is required, and Hondata offers brand new spare ECUs as an option.
FlashPro Accord 2018+ 1.5 turbo now available
Get a FlashPro and Jailbreak for your FK8 ECU while you wait at Hondata on Sunday morning.

If you have a FlashPro but have not had the ECU jailbroken, or if you want to buy the FlashPro and get the jailbreak at the same time, then get to Hondata on July 22nd. No down time and no shipping charges.

FlashPro & Jailbreak can be purchased on this day. Cash/card accepted.
Spaces are limited. Contact to reserve a spot. There is a limit of 15 spots.